Online Registration Management

Great customer service isn’t just about smiles and handshakes. It’s about speed, access, convenience, flexibility and simplicity. Build loyalty, increase registrations and keep your student database up to date with ACTIVE Educate, the online school registration system that streamlines the participant experience.

Online Inquiries and Registration

Imagine a class registration period that doesn’t bury you in paperwork, errors, and headaches. With online registration software, paperwork piles disappear and manual fielding of questions drastically shrinks.

  • Automate registration and process credit card payments online
  • Easily create forms that let you collect the information you want
  • Simplify communications with easy-to-use email marketing tools
  • Save thousands on postage and personnel hours
  • Offer a user-friendly experience for parents and students

Online Registration Management for Schools

ACTIVE Educate’s registration software makes the life easier for everyone involved. From tech-savvy students to parents looking to save time and effort to administrators who no longer have to decipher poor handwriting, no other solution solves so many issues.

Collect documents and waivers online—and tell at a glance who is missing which documents.