Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important way that schools can stay engaged and communicate with students and parents year round. Creating custom social media links allow students to share that they’ve just registered for a class at your school or help you get the word out about events.

Social Media Marketing

ACTIVE Educate’s school marketing software makes it easy to create a social media marketing strategy. Capitalize on social media’s power to increase class registrations, manage effective communication with students and parents, and help you maintain engagement even between sessions.

  • Use built-in social media integration to spread the word about your school
  • Easily include social media links in every communication and registration, to encourage social sharing
  • Host challenges and contests on social media to increase engagement
  • Take advantage of social media’s free word-of-mouth marketing potential

School Marketing

Maintaining at least a Facebook page is essential when prospective students are looking for information about your school.

  • Maintain an online social presence to convey your school’s modern approach
  • Leverage the trend to “like” organizations in order to show up in the newsfeeds of multiple prospects outside your current student body
  • Provide critical information about your school on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms to attract new students