Promotion and Discount Management

These days, everyone is looking for the best deals. Easily incorporate promotional discounts to not only increase overall enrollment but to fill capacities earlier. With a tiered pricing strategy, you can recoup early-bird discounts with last-minute fee levels, increasing your overall revenue in the process!

School Marketing

ACTIVE Educate’s school marketing software makes it easy to use promotions to entice students to register early or fill your last remaining spots.

  • Create time-limited coupons or custom coupon codes to leverage seasonal promotions
  • Fill your classes to maximize ROI
  • Offer incentives for ‘early-bird’ registration or last-minute registration
  • Easily track promotions and coupons
  • Increase promotion effectiveness with integrated social media tools
  • Pair promotion and discount functionality with email marketing tools to get the word out and enable sharing and forwarding to potential students

Increase Program Visibility

As a member of the ACTIVE Network family, gain access to school marketing programs that increase your reach to more potential students and build excitement for your events.

  • Promote special offers like $10 off registration or a free t-shirt to ACTIVE’s list of opt-in subscribers
  • Learn proven ways to promote your events, programs and organization with the help of a dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant in our complimentary marketing consulting program
  • Automatically list your programs on and, our listing sites that receive thousands of visits every month