Data Analytics

Data analytics is nothing more than keeping track of the many details of your school’s operations. ACTIVE Educate school reporting software does the heavy lifting by centralizing all those details into a single source, then providing dashboards and reports to help you understand the story only your data can tell you about the health of your school.

Flexible Email Reporting

Email marketing tools allow staff to track the success of email campaigns. Find out the most effective ways to communicate with your recipients to increase participation, convey important information, and streamline your workload.

  • Get insights into who has opened emails, clicked links and registered for your classes
  • Make content decisions for next time based on recipient responses
  • Track effectiveness of subject lines
  • Improve deliverability with bounce-back tracking

Comprehensive School Reporting

Make smart, guess-free decisions with built-in reports and tools that give you extraordinary insight into what matters most to your school.

  • Choose from standard reports or create custom reports
  • Look at your data from multiple perspectives: financial, individual students, families, programs and more
  • View transaction histories by individual, family, program, or season
  • Choose custom fields to include the data you need and exclude what you don’t
  • Sort, filter and group data as you need
  • Download results directly into pre-formatted Excel documents
  • Use report results to increase enrollment through targeted marketing
  • Save report criteria to easily run reports later
  • Format results in a variety of layout and design options