Staff and Volunteer Management

Keeping the dialogue open with staff, teachers and volunteers can be challenging. Rely on staff management software with built-in communications tools to keep all the individuals you work with engaged and informed.

Personalized Communications

Using teacher management software with built-in email tools, you can easily stay in touch with specific groups of people throughout the year.

  • Segment your list by any number of criteria to streamline messaging and target only those who need to be notified
  • Track opens and click through to monitor effectiveness of communications
  • Upload lists of alumni, donors or any other group of people you need to stay in touch with
  • Increase engagement through branded templates and powerful reporting and analytics

Volunteer Management

No matter how many individuals you’re working with, volunteer management software lets you streamline people management so you—and they—can focus on your mission.

  • Easily add links to your social media channels on your email communications and forms to encourage people to engage on your channels
  • Stay top-of-mind year-round by reaching out to your community via social media