Gain insight into your class’ performance, from a variety of perspectives, to make guess-free, data-driven decisions that boost enrollment, revenue and efficiency. Data reporting allows you to know exactly where drop-offs occur, which expenditures are paying off and which are not, and how your school is operating overall.

School Reporting

ACTIVE Educate’s school and class reporting software provides you with the most powerful, flexible and in-depth reporting tools for identifying new revenue opportunities, responding to participant needs and planning new classes or programs.

  • Access multiple reports to drive faster, better business decisions for your school
  • Gain a real-time view of your business
  • Save valuable report design time
  • Empower end users to explore reports interactively
  • Increase enrollment through data-based targeted marketing

Reporting Flexibility

Make smart, data driven decisions with report-building tools that let you view the data that matters most to your school in a variety of flexible formats.

  • Report on financials, registrations, reservations, membership, leagues, inventory, child care, seasons, sessions, individual, family, program and more
  • Customize standard reports to your needs
  • Use multiple filters to drill down details
  • Save report criteria for future time-savings
  • Format results layout and design to your specifications
  • Include mail merge and mailing labels