Merchandise Sales

Are you leaving money on the table? Boost revenue, increase school spirit and add value and convenience to the student or parent experience by including product offerings during the process with school payment software.

Fee Tracking and Receipting

Automate receipting and create a failsafe system for managing fees with ACTIVE Educate’s school payment processing. Always know where you stand and never let a penny slip through your fingers.

  • Collect and track fees from students over their entire academic career
  • Print bar codes for everything from projectors to lockers to athletic equipment
  • Monitor incoming donations from parents, alumni and the community
  • Seamlessly integrate fee collection for lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Send files to the IRS automatically
  • Print completed, accurate and readable 1098-T tax forms
  • Create a wide array of reports, including agency statements, invoice history and more

Secure School Payment Software

Give school store shoppers the ultimate shopping experience by partnering with a leader in security, fraud prevention and customer satisfaction.

  • Promote secure, PCI Level-1 compliant transaction processing with SSL technology
  • Process all major credit cards
  • Partner with a top-tier security leader
  • Rest easy knowing that the thousands of transactions we process daily require us to meet or exceed the highest available data security standards