About Us

ActiveEducate and Blue Bear Software are excited to announce we are formally changing our name to Active Network, Educate.

We are merging the power of thousands of organizers under a single brand with the most widely-used solutions and innovative marketing programs in the industry. As Active Network, we are raising the bar even higher to live our mission of empowering customers with technology that works, tools that are actually as easy to use as we say they are, and marketing that redefines your success.

You will still work with the same team, receive the same incredible service, and use the same popular products. The only immediate change you may notice is an updated look and feel of our logo and what we call ourselves. As an Active customer, you’ll be wired into the all-inclusive benefits that a network of people, events, and technology can bring.

Active Network is committed to providing straight-forward solutions that cut down workload, drive participation and make people happy. We are here to help great organizations do great things for their communities, participants, and partners.

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About Active Network, Educate

Active Network, Educate delivers premier school administration software, school accounting software, and class registration software, that streamlines and automates back-office administration and enables educational institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students. More than 3,000 schools, school districts, universities and colleges rely on Active’s simple, web-based solutions to help manage school payments, online registrations, school activities, facilities, campus recreation and intramurals, student data, accounting, fundraising, web site and content management and other mission-critical data and functions. Active’s school management software provide convenience for parents and students, and automated administration and financial management for learning institutions and their staff.

About Active Network

In addition to education, Active Network provides technology and marketing solutions in a variety of other markets to help organizations improve customer service capabilities, increase revenues, and improve operational efficiency. Click here to see all the markets Active serves...