Active Edge

5 steps to a successful school year

Harness the power of the Active Edge! Maximize your school's exposure with Active's unique programs, secure and reliable technology and our array of marketing services.

  1. Active's Budget Relief Programs

    Create revenue and budget flexibility with Active's creative fundraising solutions. Our expansive network of visitors, donors and educational experts can steer record traffic and donations your way.

  2. Infrastructure and Security

    Provide parents, students and your accountant the peace of mind they deserve with Active's unsurpassed infrastructure and security offerings. Encrypted credit card processing, streamlined fee collection and superior data protection are just some of the features Active offers.

  3. Creative Student Perks

    Foster real student pride and market your school in the same ways universities have for decades with Active's creative student perks. Maximize attendance and make your school hallways a happy place again. Offer product samples and services students need to stay creative.

  4. eMarketing Center

    Market your new offerings, programs and curriculum to the community in creative new ways with Active's free eMarketing Center. Our design resources and guides have been proven to raise awareness and create a sense of excitement in the community.

  5. Active Network's Reach

    With extensive experience with schools just like yours, Active Network's Educate division can help your school reach a wider audience than ever before. Our family of sites have millions of visitors per month and we've helped public and private K-12 schools, pre-schools and specialty schools like music schools, art schools and more. Active Network can help your school, too.

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