Facility & Service Management

Facility & Service Management

Efficiently manage facility and resource reservations with an enterprise level web-based solution

Available for: K-12 Schools & Districts, Other Specialized Schools

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Do you ever feel like managing your school's facilities and campus is like running a small city? You need our easy-to-use Facility & Service Management software. Create, manage and view facility and resource reservations anywhere. Book accommodations, meeting rooms, studios, theatres, classrooms and more with a single click and put an end to over-bookings. Our school administration software can bring order to chaos.

You'll enjoy benefits like:

Facility Management
  • Increased satisfaction from staff and students with everyone is on the same page and over-bookings a thing of the past
  • Dynamic resource control lets you track, bill and collect on dues and fees
  • Flexible pricing structures let you set and receive deposits on any item or space
  • Real-time automated reporting gives you a clear picture of how resources are currently allocated
  • Seamless integration with your accounting system for easy revenue reporting

No other school administration software makes life this easy!

Our software even reaches beyond the border of your campus out into the world around you.

  • Reserve hotel rooms, hostels and track host families for international students, visiting dignitaries and guest speakers
  • Process reservations through multiple approval steps
  • Track permission slips, third party approvals and more
  • Allow anyone to view bookings online from any computer with an Internet connection

Take the guesswork out of facilities management and reservations.


  • Schools

    • Improve facility and asset management
    • Improve A/R management
    • Set flexible pricing structures
    • Automated reports
    • Prevent double bookings of resources
  • Parents

    • Quicker reservation turnaround
    • Print or email options for receipts
    • Easier permit approval process