Fee Tracking and Receipting

Fee Tracking & Receipting

Industry-leading student fee management solution for school districts with integrated web store and point-of-sale

Available for: K-12 Schools & Districts

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Create a failsafe system for fee and equipment tracking, as well as automated receipting with Active Network’s one-of-a-kind school administration software.

Our school administration software can help you:

  • Collect and track fees from students over their entire academic career
  • Print bar codes for everything from projectors to lockers to athletic equipment
  • Monitor incoming donations from parents, alumni and the community

Move fee and equipment tracking online and lockdown your school’s private property. Seamlessly integrate fee collection for lost, stolen and even damaged items. Always know where you stand and never let a penny slip through your fingers. Our school administration software can help you:


  • Integrate item tracking to student accounts and ensure debt responsibility
  • Track not only your equipment but also who lent it out and to whom
  • Generate accurate reports that show where your property is at any given time
  • Apply software to everything from school uniforms to band equipment and every item in the athletic department

No other school administration software allows you to take control of your school like this. Third party agency integration allows for easy billing for fees and student debt. Send clear invoices to public departments, PELL grants, worker’s compensation boards and more. Our school software does it all including:

Equipment Maintenance
  • Send files to the IRS automatically and reduce tedious paperwork
  • Print completed 1098-T tax forms that are more accurate and easily readable
  • Create a wide array of reports, including agency statements, invoice history reports and more