School Website Software

School Website Software

Create a web presence with our simple and affordable website development technology

Available for: K-12 Schools & Districts, Other Specialized Schools

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Save time, money and effort when you create a school website you can be proud of. Active’s intuitive and easy-to-master school website software lets anyone become an accomplished web designer. Bring web creation in-house and save a bundle. Active can show you how!

Our unbeatable school website software can help you:

Website Content Management
  • Create an engaging, beautiful and fun web portal that represents your school exactly the way you want
  • Streamline creation, maintenance and growth with one easy-to-use technology with Word-like editing tools
  • Automate workflow and approval for a simple and direct management experience
  • Store and retrieve large amounts of information
  • Publish using search-engine friendly HTML code

Web design is easy and Active’s school website software can show you just how easy it is! Contact us today for a needs assessment!


  • Search engine friendly HTML code
  • Self-publishing content management tools
  • Live website statistics and analytics
  • Digital asset library for storing and managing website files such as images, videos, PDF, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents


  • Streamlined web maintenance
  • Centralized control of design and school branding
  • Manage content directly on the site
  • Automated workflow and approval process

Sample School websites: