Payment Processing

Payment Processing

The leading online payment and cash management solution for schools, that securely process, tracks and reports the flow of money as it enters the school all the way to the bank.

Available for: K-12 Schools & Districts, Other Specialized Schools

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Secure, integrated payment processing solution

Reduce errors, paperwork, and transaction times with Active's payment processing solution. Our application integrates with Active Network solutions such as activity registration, class reservations, membership management, and child care management.


  • Online payment processing
  • Accept and auto-process all major credit cards
  • Automatically generate invoices and receipts
  • Apply refunds and adjustments
  • Industry-leading security
  • Real-time financial reports for efficient accounting


  • Your Organization

    • Reduced costs: No additional data entry, balancing between multiple systems, complicated infrastructure or maintenance required
    • System Security: All transactions are processed on Active’s secure servers used daily by thousands of participants worldwide
    • Data Protection: We take care of protecting credit card information
    • Ongoing compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Participants

    • Improved transaction time
    • Immediate authorization
    • Pay with confidence