School Accounting Software

With its ironclad audit trail, secure online school credit card processing and customized reporting and tracking modules, Active Network, Educate offers the industry’s best and most secure school accounting software for thousands of schools and districts nationwide.

What is School Accounting Software?

Active Network offers school accounting software with student fee collection and point-of-sale solutions to automate and track sales of all school items, collect data from computer-generated receipts, pull comprehensive reports, simplify registration, track donations and fundraising efforts, improve communication, and offer convenient online payment options for students and parents.

Designed with the end-user in mind, Active's solutions are easy to use and alleviate manual, paper-based processes. Plus, Active Network offers support 24/7, extensive training, free Webinars, comprehensive Help files and an annual user conference to ensure schools are making the most of their school accounting software investment.

From helping schools gain better insight into financial data to assisting districts with inventory control and deposits, Active's school accounting software was created specifically for school districts, public schools, private schools, higher education institutions, specialized schools and pre-schools.

What can School Accounting Software offer your school?

  • Student fee collection
  • Equipment tracking
  • Point-of-sale with inventory tracking
  • Fundraising and donation modules
  • Integrated web store features
  • Online credit card payments
  • Customized receipting and bar code printing
  • Comprehensive, customized reporting
  • Communication tools for letter creation and email templates
  • Unparalleled customer service support for all school accounting software customers

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