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Card Present Sales is an easy-to-use credit card processing functionality within Blue Bear Tracks™ Software that enables your school or affiliated entity to automate payment processing, saving you and your staff time.

Card Present Sales functionality enables you to:

  • Accept onsite credit card payments directly from customers with immediate authorization
  • Swipe or key credit card information quickly and easily
  • Spend less time on data entry — customer and payment data are automatically integrated into Tracks Software

Benefits of Card Present Sales:

  • Convenient — Provides more ways for parents/students to pay
  • Saves Time — Reduces cash handling, check processing, and data entry
  • Simple — Quick and easy to set up and use
  • Safe and Secure — PCI compliant; all data is fully encrypted at all times
  • Audit Friendly — Accurate and real-time reporting

What you need to get started:

IPAD® PinPad / Swiper
  • Blue Bear Tracks Software — Card Present Sales functionality is included within Tracks Software
  • One or more pre-encrypted IPAD® PinPad / Swiper devices — Available through Active Network
  • Active Network WebStore:
    • WebStore is able to handle online payments creating further efficiencies
    • WebStore and Card Present Sales are integrated directly into Tracks, saving huge amounts of time and work and ensuring an “iron-clad” audit trail

Learn more about Card Present Sales today:

Click here to download a brochure.

Download a Card Present Sales tutorial that will show you how easy it is to set up and use this functionality, and how seamlessly it works with your current Tracks software.